Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia

30 November 2016

The 9th Annual TPS Jishuken Happyoukai

The 9th Annual TPS Jishuken Happyoukai

PT. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN) held the 9th Jishuken Happyoukai activity with some of TMMIN business partners on Wednesday, November 30, 2016. This activity was themed "The Role and Expectations of Management on the Implementation of Toyota Production System (TPS). Promoting kaizen activities (continuous improvement) to TMMIN's internal and local suppliers.

The event started with a welcome speech by TMMIN's President Director, Masahiro Nonami and Dian Metias as Division Head of TMMIN-OMDD (Operation Management Development Division) that held annual routine of TPS Jishuken Happyoukai. Afterwards, the event was filled with a presentation of Jishuken's activities by three selected suppliers and an internal TMMIN division :

After the presentation activity, followed by presentation sessions presented directly by Mr. Wataru Ishii, General Manager of TMC-OMDD. He explained the two main pillars of TPS which are Just in Time (JIT) and Jidouka. He emphasized four important things in applying TPS, namely: Visualization of the problem, Observation by top management at each point of the problem (genba management), creating a conducive working environment, and human resource development.

On the previous period, TMMIN-OMDD concentrated more and more on suppliers and internal divisions. This year the OMDD division is expanding to second tier TMMIN suppliers, educating TPS to several universities, and being actively involved in the development of Small and Medium Enterprises (UKM).

Through the regular implementation of TPS Jishuken Happyoukai, it is expected that more companies and institutions are interested to learn and implementing the Toyota Production System (TPS).

Keep the spirit and keep innovating!!