Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia

06 April 2020

Stand Together Against COVID-19

Stand Together Against COVID-19

Toyota Indonesia offers our sympathy to any who have been affected by the outbreak of Coronavirus/COVID-19 and our condolences to those who lost their loved ones. At the same time, we would like to express our sincere respect to the healthcare professionals and government officials who are working hard on the front lines.

At Toyota, the safety and health of our employees, community and all of our stakeholders is paramount to us. With that in mind and under the guidance and support of the national and local authorities, we are making decisions and taking necessary actions quickly based on the government's instructions. We'll keep carefully monitoring situation and base our decisions on the guidance we receive from the government.

At this moment based on consideration to protect our employees and stakeholders from outbreak of COVID-19, we are reducing its risk through several measures such as:

  1. Since February, we have assigned medical team to check team members’ and visitors’ temperature when they enter Toyota Indonesia’s premises. Those with elevated temperature then refer to clinic and hospital when necessary.
  2. We have been providing hand sanitizers in all Toyota Indonesia work areas.
  3. We raise awareness of Coronavirus COVID-19 to all member through various communication tools thus employee could be the agent of change at work place.
  4. We limited overseas visitor to urgent level only and minimize overseas business trip.
  5. We do disinfectant spraying in all Toyota Indonesia premises.
  6. Minimize/Avoid contact between members by arranging shifts and other social contacts.
  7. Starting “Work from Home” policy for members of Toyota Indonesia (starting from 18 March).
  8. Re-arranging activities in Toyota Indonesia production operation and Toyota Dealer to follow instruction from the government.
  9. We applied self-declaration system for employees to keep updated condition of all of our member.