Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia

22 February 2017

Manufacturing Skill Interchange Festival (MASIF) 2017

Manufacturing Skill Interchange Festival (MASIF) 2017

Karawang - Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN) launched a program of Expertise skills Competition activities among supplier companies, Manufacturing Skill Interchange Festival (MASSIVE). The activity on the theme of "Toward 2020 Era, Realize Indonesia Automotive Industries Become Global Manufacturing Base" is motivated by Toyota's commitment in providing the best effort to contribute to the development of the automotive industry, where one of them is by increasing the capability of human resources at the supply chain.

The Preparations for organizing MASIF 2017 has been done since December 2015 to conduct the study and development of the concepts and continued the review to the field (Genba) together with the management of the member companies of Toyota Manufacturer Club (TMC) is an association of companies of the TMMIN supplier. Then in March 2016, TMMIN introduce these action plans to the suppliers and internal followed with the training for the participants.

This year is the first MASIF event that been held, but this event successfully followed by 17 first-tier supplier to the three areas that are contested, namely logistics, maintenance (maintenance), and inspection (inspection). Implementation of MASIF designed to take place every year with the number of participants increasing and expanding the field of competition.

The presence of MASIF complement the programs to improve human resources of TMMIN which includes supply chain that have been there, namely, TMMIN Learning Centre (TLC) in Sunter Plant, Karawang Plant 1 and 2, Karawang Plant 3, Quality Control Circle (QCC), and Jishuken. Going forward, TMMIN hope MASIF can flourish and have a domino effect to all tier local suppliers, so it adds value to the automotive industry to meet the increasingly fierce global competition.