Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia

30 June 2015

Kompasiana Visit: The Excitement of Kompasianer

Kompasiana Visit: The Excitement of Kompasianer

JAKARTA - Kompasiana with PT. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN) invited Kompasianers to conduct Kompasiana Visit to Toyota Sunter Plant I on June 10, 2015. Beside holding Talkshow and Workshop, PT. TMMIN also invited Kompasianers to Plant Tour, so Kompasianers could directly find out process of nabufacturing vehicles and the components of Toyota cars.

Before the Plant Tour, Kompasianers of course equipped with safety first rules. Kompasianer had to understand about safety first rules which applied at Toyota's plant in order to always be safe while in the plant area.The Kompasianers also invited to feel the mixed culture of Toyota Global and the Indonesian’s local wisdom. At the Sunter Plant I, Kompasianer invited to enjoy lunch at Toyota's employees canteen. The Kompasianer were happy and enthusiastic when queueing to take out the delicious meal that has been served. They were also amazed with the facility that served various drinks, vegetables and sauces. They were talking, laughing, full of enthusiasm while eating their meal.

There was also Tweet Competition to bring more excitement for the participants. Kompasianers enthusiasm seen along the event and also of from the tweets they posted. Variety of interesting tweets about the excitement when Plant Tour can be viewed by using the hastag #KompasianaVisit on Twitter.

As the final excitement for Kompasiana Visit, TMMIN held a friendly futsal match between Kompasianers against Toyota employees. This friendly match won by Toyota employees, but the Kompasianers not discouraged and still enjoy the event which lasted until it was time to go home. A very exciting day for all of us!