Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia

14 May 2017

Jakarta "Kizuna" Ekiden 2017


Jakarta - Jakarta "Kizuna" Ekiden once again was held on Sunday, May 14, 2017 in Senayan Square Parking area, Jakarta. On this occasion, the event was attended by 1,600 participants who joined in 400 estafet teams, one of them is the team of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN) who won the 2nd winner with a time of 35 minutes 38 seconds. This is an increase from last year where TMMIN took 42 minutes 6 seconds.

In this competition, each team consists of four runners and one of them is obliged to be the citizens of Indonesia or Japan. Each person covers a distance of 2.7 km so that the total distance of each team is 10.8 km. The participants will pass the route around Plaza Senayan and be given the opportunity to complete the race until 10:00 AM. One thing that characterizes the escape run is the use of tasukhi (sling cloth) that replaces the baton in the estafet race. Uniquely, Jakarta Kizuna Ekiden this year also allows the participants to use cosplay with Japanese cultural themes, such as anime. Participants with the most attractive cosplay costumes will get prizes from the committee.

Jakarta Kizuna Ekiden is the result of cooperation between Kompas Daily and Japan's leading newspaper, Mainichi Shimbun and has been held since 2014. This activity expected to introduce Japanese tradition to the people of Indonesia. Not only that, through this activity is also expected to strengthen the relationship between Indonesia and Japan in various fields.