Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia

04 August 2016

Forklift Maintanance Workshop 2016

Forklift Maintanance Workshop 2016

PT. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN) cooperates with Traktor Nusantara (TrakNus) and the industrial tools maker Toyota Industries Corporation (Tico) to set up Forklfit and Towing Maintanance Workshop at TMMIN Karawang Plant, West Java, on Thursday, August 4, 2016.

The construction of these maintenance facilities are aimed to improve the efficiency of production activities at TMMIN Karawang plant. "This collaboration arises from the desire to maximize the ability of TMMIN, TrakNus and Tico in strengthening the competitiveness of Indonesia's automotive industry at the global level," said President of  TMMIN, Masahiro Nonami in his speech.

Turnover of logistics within the plant facility is an important element to ensure the timeliness of the production activity. "The problem is in us that (industrial Indonesia), at the time of our depressed economy, we can improve the efficiency and productivity so that we remain competitive," said Director of TMMIN, Bob Azam.

In addition, TMMIN also hope that with the construction of Forklift Maintenance Workshop is able to continue developing the human resource potential of Indonesia, especially in manufacturing, so that Indonesia is able to produce cars with global quality.